We’ve been waiting for long time, since the beginning of the construction of the new Tottenham Hotspurs Stadium. This Tottenham stadium construction update is to keep the fans informed. The old stadium have been demolished. There were delays at the beginning of the construction of the new stadium caused by the lawsuit from the local business owner claiming to be compensated more than he was initially offered by Spurs authorities. All the legal issues have now been resolved and the construction of the new stadium is progressing fast. We went to White Hart Lane to check the progress of works and took few photographs for the Tottenham fans. These photos were taken on on 8th of March 2018.

Tottenham’s journey to their new stadium was a bumpy one. The initial plan was to build another stadium to replace the old one on the same site in Tottenham, North London. The plans changed when Britain was awarded the organisation of the 2012 Olympics. The new Olympic Stadium built in Stratford was designed to host the Olympics and than to be converted as a football stadium and given to one of the London premier league clubs.

Tottenham Stadium Construction Update


Tottenham Hotspurs competed with West Ham United F.C. to be allowed to use the Olympic stadium as their own. This interfered with the initial plan to build a new stadium in North London. The Tottenham owners realised that it would be cheaper for them to acquire the already built by the British government the Olympic Stadium.

tottenham stadium construction


The Spurs’s pursuit for the Olympic Stadium failed when the mayor of London (Boris Johnson) publicly expressed his preference for the West Ham United F.C. to be given access to the Olympic Stadium as their new football stadium. From this point in time Spurs knew that they have to continue with the initial plan of constructing their own Stadium at White Hart Lane.


tottenham stadium construction update - southern side




To continue with this Tottenham stadium construction update, its worth pointing out that the construction of the new Tottenham Hotspurs F.C. stadium will benefit the fans as well as the local community in this part of Haringey. The place where Spurs Stadium is located is managed by the London Borough of Haringey. For some time now this part of Haringey have been a home to the poorest Londoner. The local community suffered from riots, poor quality of housing and apart from the local leisure centre, there is nothing to do here really. The Haringey Council sees the construction of the new Tottenham Hotspur F.C stadium as an opportunity to revitalise the local area. In addition to the stadium there will be new homes built and new. For more interesting information about what’s happening in Haringey at the moment visit the homepage of Haringey Removals website.


tottenham stadium construction march 2018