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Inexpensive Mover London

What Makes Us Such an Inexpensive Mover?

In Islington Removals, we believe we are in a great position. We offer you a high-quality, local mover service for a truly competitive price. You won’t find a moving service like us. The thing is, we have a little advantage over the other removals companies in London. As we are a local service, you save money with us as we don’t have to drive as far. With drivers in and around town, it will never take long to get to your location.

We can also offer our customers substantial savings by using our inexpensive wrapping, packaging and padding materials. These will help to protect your furniture and other fragile items. To offer you even more savings, we can simply supply you with the packaging materials and allow you to pack yourselves. We will then collect the packed boxes and take them to your new home or office. But we don’t even stop there. As part of our commitment to having a greener business, we are proud to offer our customers the option of using fully recycled packing boxes, which come in at half the price of the regular boxes. Allowing you to make great savings while doing your bit for the environment.

One of our most popular services is the dismantling and reassembly of furniture. This helps us to save space in the van or truck and also reduces the chance for damage to occur. This service got so popular with our customers, we decided it would be nice to offer it for free. So now you can get your furniture taken apart and reassembled at the other end absolutely without paying an extra penny.

We hope you can see how using Islington Removals is sure to save you money on your move.