Packaging Supplies

If you are moving home, your belongings will need to be packed up before the move takes place. It can be tempting to grab any old box and start stuffing things in, but this can cause problems for you. You don’t want delicate items to be broken during transit, or find that you don’t have enough room for everything. Use the right packaging supplies to prevent any damage and to make transporting your property much easier.

Islington Removals will supply the materials you need to pack up your things. We stock high quality boxes, labels and more. In fact, we will even send a packing specialist to do the job for you! Whether you are using our packing service or doing it yourself, let us supply the right packaging goods for you.

Packaging supplies you may need for your move:

  • Cardboard boxes
  • Plastic boxes
  • Bubble wrap
  • Packing tape
  • Packing paper
  • Protective covers

Cardboard boxes are one of the most versatile packaging materials out there, and you will probably need quite a few of them! They can hold a range of items and are easy to secure. Fill with clothes, books, toys, food, DVDs – just about anything will go into a cardboard box! Thick card is recommended – it provides protection for the items inside.

If you need to transport something a little more delicate, plastic boxes are often the answer. They can hold things like electronics and appliances, which have fragile components. Plastic is also a good choice for glass and porcelain items that can be knocked and damaged during the move. Plastic is waterproof and weather resistant.

Give those delicate items added protection by wrapping them up in bubble wrap before packing. This air-filled plastic comes in sheets which can be cut to size, and the cushions keep fragile goods secure and safe. If you need to move kitchenware or glass items, bubble wrap is a must. It can also be used as a dust sheet to keep items clean during the move.

Packing tape is what keeps everything together! We can supply standard sticky tape or strengthened packing tape, ideal for wrapping boxes and keeping them closed during the move. Prevent spills and ensure nothing gets lost – secure your boxes properly before loading them into the removal truck.

When moving, it can be tempting to wrap everything in newspaper. But when you arrive at your destination and everything is covered with newspaper print marks, you may regret your decision! Use proper packing paper to keep everything clean and safe. Packing paper usually has a water resistant coating and is designed to resist tears.

Protective covers are often overlooked when ordering packaging supplies, but they are very useful when moving large items that won’t fit into a box. We can arrange specialist covers for piano moves, supply clothing covers and provide dust sheets for your floors to prevent damage during the move.

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